Duoguard Australia

Owner – S.A Water
Cient – TC formwork
Date – 2017

Asset Description

Kangaroo Creek Dam is a concrete face rockfill dam with a side channel spillway located on the Torrens River approximately 22km north east of Adelaide, South Australia. It was originally constructed between 1966-69 to provide additional storage for Adelaide’s metropolitan water supply. An upgrade to the structure to meet Australian standards was planned, durability of the asset was a major consideration from South Australian water.


Kangaroo Creek dam upgrade


Spillway structures must be very durable, the concrete which is a very versatile material is not only subjected to wet and dry cycling, extreme environmental conditions and abrasion when in use. The finished surface is extremely important to not only allow maximum water flow release but prevents surface imperfections and eventual cavitations due to loss of cement paste -aggregates.

TC Formwork approached Duoguard to look at using their Formtex PSA Formliner to assist in increasing the surface strength of the spillway and to reduce potential damage caused by cavitation.

Working closely with the contractor TC Formwork and, Duoguard Australia Pty Ltd has ensured that a lasting and successful solution has been delivered to the Kangaroo Creek Spillway project.

The Benefits

Formtex is a two-layer controlled permeability formwork liner consisting of a drainage layer allowing water and air to escape a filter layer with pore size designed to retain cement particles. The main function of the formtex cpf liner is to drain surplus water and air from the surface of freshly poured concrete during compaction.

Water is drained, the water/ cement [w/c] ratio in the concrete cover is reduced, providing for denser and stronger concrete, which improves durability of the concrete considerably. The benefit is to the asset owner, less maintenance in the long term.