Project Description

Dampier Salt Dolphins, Western Australia

Applied treatment: DuoGuard™ Hybrid Anode™ Corrosion Control System
Number of Anodes: 1700 (DuoGuard 500)
Monitoring System: CPT Monitoring System (using MN15 Reference Electrodes)
Project Length: July – September 2011
Client : Rio Tinto

Contractor : Duratec Australia Pty Ltd

Treatment Applied:
DuoGuard™ Hybrid Anode™ Corrosion Control System

Duoguard Australia Products used

  • DuoGuard™Hybrid Anode™D 500
  • DuoCrete SD Mortar
  • MN15 Reference electrodes

Dampier Salt Dolphins are located at Dampier North Western Australia, 1533 kilometres north of Perth in the heart of the Pilbara. Dampier is the world’s largest exporter of high quality solar salt.

Mouring dolphins are used to facilitate the docking of large ships offshore.

Dampier Salt Dolphins were suffering from steel reinforcement corrosion due to exposure to high concentrations of chloride and moisture at elevated temperatures. Duoguard Australia supplied over 1700 DuoGuard™Hybrid Anode™D 500 hybrid anodes in the two month installation project.

The DuoGuard™Hybrid Anode™ corrosion control treatment was chosen over an impressed current system due to the cost of obtaining and operating a permanent power supply on site. A generator was used to provide power for the one week impressed current phase.

Access to Dolphin works site was via heavy works barge and tender vessels to complete corrosion control contract works.

Duratec Australia Pty Ltd were the licensed installers based in Perth Western Australia.