Project Description

Berths B toF Appleton Dock Port of Melbourne Victoria Australia

Applied treatment:  PatchGuard TM Galvanic anode system  

Number of Anodes: 2500 PatchGuard TM Galvanic anodes

Project Length: December 2012 – September 2013

Client : Port of Melbourne Corporation

Contractor : Fitzgerald Constructions

Treatment Applied:  PatchGuard TM Galvanic anode system  


Duoguard Australia Products used

PatchGuard TMGalvanic Anode System  

DuoCrete PG Mortar

Berths B-F Appleton Dock Pile and Concrete Rehabilitation Works.

The Port of Melbourne Corporation needed to repair/strengthen Appleton Dock Berths B to F to provide an additional minimum 15 years’ service.

The works included remediation of timber piles at Berths B to F and remediation of concrete elements including concrete piles and deck at Berths E to F. Appleton Dock Berths were suffering from steel reinforcement corrosion due to exposure to high concentrations of chloride and moisture.Duoguard Australia supplied over 2000 PatchGuard TM Galvanic anodes in the eight month installation period. Appleton Dock Berths B-E are leased and operated by Qube Ports Pty Ltd as a part of a general cargo terminal, whilst Berth F is operated by PoMC.

Appleton Dock is located on the Yarra River in the Port of Melbourne. The berths were subject to continuing operations, by both ships and yard vehicles, while the corrosion control solution was being installed.

Access to the Dock soffit was via suspended scaffolding platforms to undertake corrosion control contract works.