PatchGuard Ultra™

Concrete Patch Repairs Incorporating PatchGuard Ultra™ Galvanic Anode System

PatchGuard Ultra anodes are an engineered galvanic anode designed to protect reinforcing steel against corrosion and incipient anode effect which corrodes steel reinforcing adjacent to concrete patch repairs. PatchGuard Ultra anodes provide a high current output corroding preferentially to the surrounding steel protecting the steel and controlling corrosion.

Corrosion Control using PatchGuard UltraGalvanic Anodes

PatchGuard Ultra™ galvanic anodes are installed adjacent to the concrete patch repair embedded in the sound unrepaired concrete surrounding the concrete repair area. Galvanic anode installation outside of the concrete repair patch reduces the risk of compromising the quality and durability of the concrete patch repaired area. The PatchGuard Ultra™ anode will corrode and provide an electric current delivered directly to the steel outside of the concrete repair area which is at greatest risk of corrosion as opposed to the cleaned and repaired steel inside the concrete repair patch.