Project Description

Cape Don Light House, Cobourg Peninsula, Northern Territory , AUSTRALIA

Applied treatmentDuoGuard™ Hybrid Anode™ Corrosion Control System

Number of Anodes: 4500 (DuoGuard D175,D500 and DuoGuard Plus Anodes )

Monitoring System: Remote Monitoring System

Project Length: May – September 2013

Client  : Australian Government , Australian Maritime Safety Authority  (AMSA)

Contractor : Marine and Civil Maintenance Pty Ltd

Treatment Applied: DuoGuard™ Hybrid Anode™ Corrosion Control System


Duoguard Australia Pty Ltd Products used :

DuoGuard™ Hybrid Anode™  D175 , D500 and DuoGuard Plus Anodes

DuoCrete SD Mortar

MN15 Reference Electrodes

The Cape Don Lighthouse situated on the western side of the Cobourg Peninsular, NorthernTerritory,was constructed to mark the eastern approach to Darwin, the passage between the Cobourg Peninsula and Melville Island.

The construction of the concrete lighthouse was completed in 1917. AMSA has identified that over the last 20 years the structure has progressively been showing signs of concrete reinforcement corrosion, which is believed to be the main contributing factor to the spalling and delaminating concrete.

The lighthouse was in a condition where action needed to be taken to preserve its structural integrityand heritage values.

AMSA proposed to halt the corrosion mechanism within the lighthouse and repair the damage concrete by installing a Duoguard Hybrid Anode System.

The project needed to be completed with consideration for the tropical environment of  far North Australia and the short dry season available for productive construction works.

All provisions tooling, materials and access were transported via barge ex Darwin making the project an incredible logistical challenge.