Duoguard Australia

Client: Vertitech Pty Ltd
Consultant: Albert Van Grieken
Contractor: Vertitech Pty Ltd
Date: 2021

Asset Description

The Carvel Lane building is located at No 30 New Quay promenade, Docklands- Victoria, the balconies predominately on the southern side were exhibiting early signs of corrosion. The obvious symptoms included surface cracking and drummy sections caused by reinforcement corrosion. The building is located within proximity of a marine environment.


The rehabilitation upgrade included a detailed condition assessment of the concrete elements, diagnostic testing was performed with the intention of maintaining the concrete element and structure for a minimum 20 years. Galvanic anodes were the practical solution and installed adjacent to patch repairs. Access to the balconies and columns was via suspended swing stage scaffolding and rope access to undertake concrete remedial patching repairs and corrosion control requirements.

The condition assessment was performed by Albert Van Grieken together with a detailed specification for repair for selective tender.


The Benefits

Each Galvanic anode is individually installed into the parent concrete and each anode connected to the reinforcement. The system provides enhanced distribution to the areas of steel at risk of corrosion and also allows the use of bonding primers and either high or low resistive mortars within the patch repair. The system is designed to prevent the effects of the incipient corrosion effect adjacent to patch repairs.

Vertitech Pty Ltd are specialist remediation contractors chosen because of their experience and competence to remediate the concrete balconies and install the galvanic protection system. Additional coating was applied to provide further protection from the elements and give that aesthetic appeal. The project was completed on time and within budget.